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Crop Relative
Plant Traits Disease Resistance Silage Quality Traits Grain Characteristics Planting Population
CRM Silage CRM Grain Drought Tolerance Stalk Strength Root Strength Staygreen Relative Plant Height Early Growth Ear Flex Husk Cover Northern Leaf Blight Rust Eyespot Total Energy Whole Plant Digestibility Forage Starch Protein Test Weight Grain Drydown Kernel Texture Kernel Depth Grain Hardness Grain Protien Silage Grain
Ratings: 7=Best, 1=Worst

Ratings are based on research and field observations collected by Corson Maize Seed from multiple seasons and locations. These ratings are supplemented with data from our hybrid suppliers. We reserve the right to alter the above ratings, as additional data becomes available. Ratings and descriptions represent comparisons within the range of Corson Maize Seed hybrids.