Maize Silage

Over the last decade farmers have increasingly sought new feeds to supplement their pasture-based systems. Farmers now recognise that supplementing a dairy cow's diet with maize silage offers them a way to:

  • Stabilise animal feed (by buffering pasture growth)
  •  Increase milksolids (MS) yields
  •  Increase body condition scores (BCS)
  •  Manage a higher stocking rate per hectare

Corson Maize Seed's specialist Maize Silage hybrids are listed below; however for more information please contact one of our customer service team.

Select a Hybrid:

  • Delitop
  • N23-K3
  • C29-A1
  • N39-Q1
  • GoldFrank
  • C56C4
  • G49-T9
  • Z71-F1
  • C78-S8
  • CMS Comet
  • CMS Afinity
  • CMS Plenitude