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Silage CRM: 94
Grain CRM: 94

  • Stong performance as an early maturity dual purpose hybrid
  • Very tall plant producing high grain content silage
  • Excellent silage and grain yields  

C29-A1 is the first hybrid to be released by Corson Maize Seed from Caussade Semences, France. Distinct with its tall, bulky plant and large, well filled ears Corson A1 retains its plant health late into the season to maximise its huge silage and grain yield potential. While primarily targeted at the silage market Corson A1 does not compromise on grain yield and will deliver high yields of large, softer textured grain. Corson A1 possesses strong agronomics across all traits making it a dependable addition to our portfolio of hybrids.

Download C29-A1 specification sheet

Peter and Jan Hooker, Hamilton

“I was pleased by the size of the cobs and the depth of grain on the cob. The grain to stover ratio would have been quite high. The general appearance of it looked good and healthy. There was no leaf disease.”

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