C78-S8 Maize Silage C78-S8

  • Strong performance as a full maturity hybrid
  • Very tall plant with good all-round agronomic characteristics
  • Excellent silage and grain yields

Silage CRM: 114

C78-S8 is a very impressive hybrid developed by Caussade Semences, France which has been extensively trialled in New Zealand. A very tall plant is complemented by large soft kernels to provide an ideal hybrid for silage. Whilst placed specifically in the silage category, Corson S8 has the capability to be taken through to grain if required. Possessing above average drought tolerance and excellent stalk strength, this hybrid will not disappoint growers looking to maximise silage yield and quality.

Corson S8 is a hybrid that raises the bar for full maturity maize performance. Excellent silage yields and with the capability to go through to grain, Corson S8 will impress growers and end users alike.

Download C78-S8 specification sheet

Agi Singh, Morrinsville

“With S8, being a long maturing hybrid we were ‘banking on a good crop’. It didn’t disappoint, returning an average yield of over 29T/Ha. I even had occasions where farmers stopped to inquire what hybrid I was growing. We will definitely be growing with Corson next year.”

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