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  • Exciting new silage hybrid that delivers excellent yield potential.
  • Tall dark green plant with flexible stalks and large ears.
  • Reliable agronomics traits assist in maintaining maximumyield potential.

Silage CRM: 104

An exciting new addition to the mid-season silage portfolio for northern regions and as a full season option in northern Taranaki and other warmer southern locations. This hybrid was selected as an excellent hybrid from Glenn Seed’s southern Ontario nurseries. Since being evaluated in New Zealand it has continued to impress in the northern North Island maize growing regions.

G49-T9 produces a tall crop with large ears which combine to provide its high dry matter yield potential and dependable silage quality. Along with excellent whole plant digestibility, it has an outstanding total energy rating which will favour both the silage grower and the silage user.

G49-T9 is widely adapted and suitable for maize silage growers on all soil types targeting high silage yields. High populations will tend to reduce ear size, so moderate populations are recommended to get the best balance of cob to stover and also to reduce risk in stressful growing conditions and more challenging environments.

Download G49-T9 Specification Sheet

Howard Barbour, Waharoa

“After growing G49-T9 for years I have been really impressed with it. It has great characteristics including being a strong plant, staying green, big cobs and having high yields which is ideal for maize silage. We plant 10% of the farm each year and know it will be a top crop!”

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