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  • Dual purpose hybrid with outstanding plant health and leaf disease resistance
  • Excellent grain performance in medium to high yield environments
  • Reliable silage yield with high grain content silage and excellent staygreen

Silage CRM: 103
Grain CRM: 105

A unique hybrid in this maturity delivering consistently high yields in Corson Maize Seed evaluations in combination with the best overall leaf disease resistance we have seen in the market.

Goldfrank offers outstanding agronomic ratings for early growth, stalk strength, staygreen, and both Rust and Northern Leaf Blight resistance. It is a tall, attractive plant that maintains its staygreen and overall plant health late into the season, offering a wide silage harvest window and insurance against a season with high leaf disease in northern regions for both grain and silage. Goldfrank is one of the best performing hybrids on the market under moderate to high leaf disease pressure.

For grain, consider Goldfrank in situations where plant health is a key criterion or to provide balance alongside hybrids with poorer leaf disease resistance ratings. In dry soils prone to drought, companion with N51-N4 or N59-Q9 which have excellent drought tolerance ratings.

Goldfrank is a good choice as a mid-season hybrid for contract silage production in medium to high yield situations. Contract silage growers continue to appreciate its consistent performance and the assurance, should the silage market not develop, that it could also be harvested for grain.

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Bruce Turner, Waikato

“It’s peace of mind. Goldfrank never gives me any trouble and is high yielding, whether grown for silage or grain. It doesn’t give us any problems with fungus or rust. It stands up well against high winds and dries down relatively quickly.”

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