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Silage CRM: 97
Grain CRM: 100

  • Early to mid-maturity silage hybrid for all North Island regions
  • Tall plant with high grain content
  • Excellent silage and grain yields

Excellent N39-Q1 is a new dual purpose hybrid to the Corson Maize Seed portfolio from Syngenta Seeds. While primarily targeted at the silage market, CORSON Q1can also be taken through for grain with confidence. This hybrid is characterised by a tall plant and a large flex ear giving it excellent silage yields with high grain content. It has a sound agronomic package including excellent stalk strength and drought tolerance, and has good staygreen and root strength.

Download N39-Q1 specification sheet

Daniel Russell, Palmerston North

Daniel has recently started using Corson Q1 hybrid, yielding 23 t/ha DM over the 30 hectares planted. Daniel says, “we are impressed with the high amount of grain and the great service that we have had from Corson Maize and our retailer. We will be using Corson Q1 as our main hybrid.”

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