N51-N4 Maize Grain N51-N4

Grain CRM: 104

An exciting product for Corson Maize Seed, N51-N4 delivers exceptional yields for grain alongside recognised hybrids in the CRM 101-108 range. A strong all-round agronomic profile is highlighted by excellent drought tolerance and root strength, with above average ratings also for early growth, stalk strength and tolerance to leaf disease. Fast drydown from medium to soft density grain means it is suited to starch and feed markets.

Download N51-N4 specification sheet

Daniel Dovaston, Papamoa

Daniel Dovaston has been growing maize since 1967. He says “N51-N4 would be the most consistent variety out of many planted, it is the ‘Kane Williamson’ of maize hybrids.” Daniel plants around 100ha each year and yields around 15-17 t/ha.

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  • Delitop
  • C29-A1
  • N39-Q1
  • GoldFrank
  • N51-N4
  • CMS Comet
  • CMS Afinity
  • C56C4
  • CMS Plenitude