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  • Full maturity TENDERLEAFY® silage hybrid developed in New Zealand by Corson Maize Seed
  • Very large plant with high grain yield and a sound agronomic package
  • Excellent yield performance in this maturity

Silage CRM: 111

Z71-F1 is an exciting new addition to the Corson Maize Seed silage range, offering top-end performance in situations where a full season hybrid is appropriate.

It offers above average early growth developing into a tall, bulky plant with large cobs as well as excellent staygreen which contributes to a wide harvest window. Z71-F1 has a high grain content and above average whole plant digestibility.

Z71-F1 is suitable for warmer northern regions where early planting is possible. It is ideally suited to contract silage production, targeting high yields and quality silage. Dairy farmers can take advantage of its performance by planting early at a run-off. If cropping on the dairy farm, consider CTL108 planted early, or G49-T9 mid-season to ensure timely establishment of new perennial pasture.

Download Z71-F1 specification sheet


Bill Webb, Bay of Plenty

“Z71-F1 yielded better than other varieties in one of our harsh blocks. About 40 hectares of CORSON F1 was grown, including one paddock yielding more than 30 tonne DM/ha. We put the crop over the scales so this was a weighed rather than an estimated figure and an exceptional result.”

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