Corson Maize Seed source and produce some of the world's finest maize and sweetcorn seed for our New Zealand growers. We offer a range of high quality hybrids to suit all needs.

Corson Maize Seed's position on GMO

Corson Maize Seed hybrids have been developed using only traditional plant breeding techniques and has assurances from all its suppliers that no Zea mays seed supplied to Corson Maize Seed has been developed using genetic modification or transformation. 

Zea mays hybrid and parent seed imported into New Zealand since August 2001 must undergo certified testing for the presence of GM markers and must produce an absent GMO result before it can enter New Zealand.

Organic Growers

At Corson Maize Seed we pride ourselves in meeting the exacting and varied needs of our growers, as such all Corson Maize Seed hybrids can be supplied untreated for organic growers.

Please use the hybrid selector to identify the right hybrid for your needs, but for more information on organic growing please contact our Corson Maize Seed service team for further advice.

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